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Important Keys to Ecommerce Success

March 27, 2017

E-commerce is a system that allows online movements buying, selling goods, services, and information.

E-commerce can be described as an electronic market where sellers (suppliers, or companies, or stores) and intermediaries (brokers) and buyers can communicate  and offers its products and services in the form of virtual or digital, also paid for with E-credit .

Here is a checklist you can follow to have a booming ecommerce business:

1. Make sure your ecommerce site should looks good: 

Your ecommerce site must be attractive to visitors, otherwise, they will just move on to the next one and function properly – across platforms and devices, especially mobile devices.

 2. Mobile responsiveness:

With an increasing number of population switching to mobile devices for browsing and purchasing, and several users using multiple devices at different times, it is imperative, that you provide them the same user experience every single time, so your site must be responsive regardless of whether they’re browsing on their desktops as well as mobile phones.

3. Product images and information:

You need to make sure you have high quality original photos and helpful product descriptions. No one wants to buy something that they cannot see or they have no information about. The goal is to make sure that the customers are better informed when they are doing their shopping.

4. Minimal navigability:

Your visitors should be able to find what they want with minimal clicks; make it easy to find your products.

Make sure there are menus with well labeled product categories, and sub-categories that pop out.

Make sure also, that you incorporate strong search functionality. When they are able to easily and quickly search for something they want, they will be happier to stay.

5. Your ecommerce site must be credible and trustworthy:

Ensure that you get an SSL certificate and serve your pages via https so that visitors know that transactions on your site are secure. More importantly your customers will be less likely to trust you or the safety of their credit card information; they will be more comfortable purchasing with their credit cards or via netbanking.

6. Checkout should be fast and easy

Your visitors should be able to check out with the least number of steps; the more steps you make them go through, the greater the chance they’ll drop out.

7. Show Customer Reviews:

Enable star ratings, and ensure they are displayed on category pages and above the fold on product detail pages, to boost visibility. Make it a point to respond to reviews – it will show the potential customers that you really care what your customers have to say about your products and services.

 8. Go social:

You may have a fabulous site, but if no one knows about, or is talking about it, it doesn’t matter. Promote your online business through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and you’ll soon see that others are also doing the promoting for you. Make sure your website has social follow and share buttons.