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How You Can Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

November 23, 2018

Email marketing campaign is mainly used as an effective way of advertising a business idea to your audience. It can only effective if you run it successfully otherwise there are also chances of confusing your readers. In case the campaign is not done effectively, the reader may decide to ignore your marketing campaign. They will not even take any action. Learn how you can run your email campaign effectively:

Understand Your Goals

First, set your goals and objectives and setup up good strategies of how to achieve them. The following are typical goals for a successful email marketing campaign:
Welcome your new subscribers and enlighten them about your products and services thus building a relationship already.
Make sure that your content is engaging.
Find a way to maintain your existing subscribers by providing them with something valuable
Engage dormant subscribers
Find a way to lure more subscribers so that more targeting email campaigns are sent.

Know the types of emails

Find out different forms of emails that you can send. For instance, there are promotional emails that mainly focus on offers and sale. There are also relational emails; this mainly talks of your promises, newsletters, and relevant information. Finally, there are transactional emails that talk about welcome messages, order and purchase confirmations, subscriber signup confirmations and acknowledgments.

Know Your Audience

For someone who has been doing this for a while, it will not be a problem. If you are running a campaign for the first time, do not get worried. Just make a sharp guess and target your content properly. After the first emails, you will have known your audience, and next time you will use real data. You can acquire relevant data from Google Analytics as well as social media platforms regarding locations, demographics, interests among other information. Snapshot the targeted content for your customers especially those details that interest them.

Use Technology the right way

Running a successful email marketing campaigns entails using the right tools that offer the following features:
Incorporate software you have used before such as OptinMonster as well as WordPress
Go for seamless and automatic campaign creation such as workflows and templates
Analyze your email campaign properly for high performance
Consider features such as MailChimp’s automation and schedule transactional emails as well as blog-driven updates. Respond quickly to emails and establish as well as deliver promotional and relational emails.

Create Good Optins
It is important to get as many people as possible on your email list for a successful email campaign. This means that you have to come up with attractive option forms. This will entice as well as motivate more people to sign up. Try using different types of option in different parts of the site such as:
Lightbox popups
Welcome gates
Exit-intent popups

Plan Emails and make follow-ups
Hang know your goals, objectives, forms of emails, the targeted audience as well as luring more people onto your list using targeted options, now its planning and making follow-ups. Consider the following aspects:
Email frequency
Type of email

The main reason for running an email marketing campaign is to attract subscribers to sign up for your events. Another reason is to make follow you on social media as well as buy your products and services. Successful email campaigns must be interesting, relevant, timely as well as valuable.

Craft a good subject line

In a successful email marketing campaign, subject line matters a lot. This is what attracts people to click your emails. Subject line must be catchy and luring so that anyone who comes across must want to go further.
A good subject line is not that long. Just make it impressive, and it should range from 41-50 characters. Put important parts at the start. Just tell people the precise information they will get when they click your emails.
Add personalized information such as people’s names for more engagement.
Do not include words that may end up your emails into spam

Write the Copy
An email marketing copy must be written. This copy should be short and attractive so that readers will not get to know your offers too early. Make them comfortable first. Adding personalized information is very important such as addressing subscribers by name. Let the need of sending your emails to meet different user expectations. First, educate your audience as well as segment them to increase clicks.
Consider the following aspects for your email copy:
Add your personal story as this will drive your audience to express their emotional connection. It shows that you are human and this will never hurt your business.
Add something of value to your readers which may be useful information as well as information regarding that resource that you are promoting. Let your audience know that the information added will help them.

Pay attention to Email Marketing Design
There is no doubt that email design matters a lot in running a successful email marketing campaign. If your emails look unattractive, it clears shows that your content is poor and no one will want to click it. Makegood use of responsive email templates so that your email can resize automatically depending on the device that used to read them. For instance, following the fact that there are so many people reading it, it might form their smartphones, tablet as well as desktop.
Include more text in your emails and avoid more images. Even though images are always quite attractive, most people out there have their images disabled. By doing this ensures that your emails work even without the images.
Do not hide any information in the images and describe your images using alt tags as this helps to educate the people who have disabled their images. If the description is precise and information, there is no doubt that this will make people who have disabled images to enable them.

Test and Track
This is the last stage of running a successful email marketing campaign. It is time to start sending your emails and acquire data to improve your future campaigns. Test everything incusing email marketing copy, layout and subject lines among other information. This should be given a unique approach such as using varieties of segments as well as doing this in different email send times.

Figure out what is working and what is not working with your email marketing campaign by monitoring the analytics from the service provider in relation to clicks, opens, forwards as well as unsubscribes among other things.
The above step by step points clearly outline how you can run a successful email marketing campaign. For more information, contact